Dressing Sissy

Guide to transformation

Male to female transformation panties, swimwear, tights and so much more.

Take a Risk to Dressing Sissy

Dressing sissy can bring all sorts of risks with it. Your friends might laugh at you or turn their backs on you altogether. Of course, the problem with this scenario is that you will have to go out and find some new friends. Only this time, you should seek out other men who find it thrilling to dress up like a sissy. These guys will not laugh at you or anything of that nature. No, not at all. They will embrace you into their group and probably even offer some tips as to how you might make your own dressing sissy more convincing when you go out to your favorite night spots. Taking a risk in this type of dressing will only give you what you really need which are new friends and a totally feminine feeling of that woman you know resides deep inside of your soul. That is something that should never be ignored because you are only denying your true self.

All about male to female transformation

The world of male to female transformation is a huge one with hundreds of sites on the web to help guide you to the best choices in make-up, clothing, social, health in fact almost any question you have can be answered in minutes. The Dressing Sissy is highly focused on the issues of male to female transformation and the penis. We are all about changing the shape of your penis into a smooth or camel toe look to perfect your change. Dressing Sissy links you to Koalaswim.com which is a company that has been manufacturing fem wear for men in the USA for over twenty years. They are based out of Los Angeles and ship worldwide. The designs they offer border on outrageous but all of them work miracles for transgender, sissies, cross dressing, and gay, bi and straight men who are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. There are bikinis, thongs, G-strings, short shorts, workout tights and leggings that are designed specifically for transformation.